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What Else Can Security Cameras Do?

One investment that can add more protection and peace of mind to your Watsonville, CA home or business is a security camera system. These cameras are great because, when they see things clearly, they are infallible witnesses that can help with...Read More

4 Tips For A More Secure Summer

With the arrival of summer in Watsonville, CA, things take a change for the lighter and warmer. With more pleasant weather ahead, you may be thinking of taking advantage of the change in seasons, and spending more time with your family, especially...Read More

Reasons Schools Should Have Security and Access Control Systems in Place

While many of us wish that the teachers in our Watsonville, CA school system can focus on teaching and the kids can focus on learning, that just isn't the case in today's world. It is more important than ever for schools to concentrate on the...Read More

Security Cameras Have Many Uses

Security cameras can be an essential piece of equipment for any home or business in Watsonville, CA. They can provide an essential piece of deterrence on your property, as many thieves will think twice about intruding on any place where their...Read More

Whats The Difference Between Dome and Bullet Security Cameras?

If you have a business in Watsonville, CA, one of the things you always need to implement is good security. A good security system in place can mean the difference between crime prevention and easier investigation, or theft with no way to determine...Read More

Optimize Security For Multiple Locations

If you’re fortunate enough to have a growing business in Watsonville, CA, then you may have multiple sites as a part of your business to manage. While it’s tough enough to efficiently run the day to day operations in a coordinated...Read More

Security Systems Reduce Bullying

The American way in Watsonville, CA has always been about people playing to their strengths. Unfortunately, in some cases, without proper parental guidance, some children play to their strengths by exploiting their comparative strength and using it...Read More

Get Better Mall Security With Cameras

While shopping malls in Watsonville, CA may have had their biggest heyday in the 80s and 90s, that doesn’t mean that these merchant centers are dead. The ability to go into a single building, with many shops, without having to worry about...Read More

Signs Your Convenience Store Needs A Security Upgrade

For Watsonville convenience store owners, security systems are not an option, but a necessity. However, with how quickly technology is advancing the security system currently in use may be outdated and inefficient. Below are signs it may be time for...Read More

3 Home Security Tips To Follow When Planning A Vacation

It’s summertime, which for many Watsonville, CA residents means a Summer trip with the family to spend quality time together. Before you head out the door with only a lock on your front door to protect your entire home, check out these three...Read More

Why Your Waiting Room Needs A Surveillance System

When many people think of security camera security they think of their home or business, but what about health clinics?  Whether a hospital, doctors office, or dentist office, your waiting room needs a security system.  Surveillance in...Read More

Why Should I Invest In An Offline Security System?

WiFi is everywhere, and in today’s modern world, we’ve become more connected to the internet and each other than ever. We do our Watsonville,CA banking, our shopping, and our research online from the comfort and convenience of a...Read More

Why Do Burglars Target Your Home While You Are On Vacation

If you’re considering leaving Watsonville to go on vacation, you should look to protect your home before leaving. Unfortunately, many Watsonville, CA homes are targeted when residents leave for vacation. Why is this the case? Below,...Read More

Waterproof Security Cameras Just Make Sense

Security continues to be a concern for many homes and business owners in Watsonville, CA, and that’s with good reason. Crime is not something that every truly goes away, but it can be made more difficult to succeed at, or even...Read More

Warning Signs That Indicate A Burglar May Be Targeting Your Home

Unfortunately, burglaries happen quite often in modern society, even right here in Watsonville. According to a report published by Jacksonville State University, more than 2.2 million burglaries happen each year in the United States. In other words,...Read More

Buying The Best Security Camera When You Want High Quality

Keeping your property in Watsonville, CA protected is important, and while local authorities can certainly help, taking additional steps is important. Basic camera systems are a great starting point, and to really get the most from your investment...Read More

Prevent Plant Risks With Physical Security Assets

There are many kinds of plants across the United States that Americans depend on for various things. For instance, power plants ensure that schools, homes, and offices in Watsonville, CA have electricity. Manufacturers in Watsonville, CA...Read More

Does Low Light Surveillance Really Work?

While today’s security cameras are more high tech, taking better quality footage than ever, they’re not always producing the same quality in all conditions. In low-light situations, for instance, your standard security camera may not...Read More

3 Ways To Improve Access Control

Access control is one of the most important aspects of a security system.  Shops in Watsonville, CA need to lock up to make sure people can’t get in at night, offices often have secure areas where they test and store trade secrets and new...Read More

4 Home Security Risks That Are Easily Overlooked

For Watsonville, CA residents, protecting their home is incredibly important. Your property is your biggest investment and also your refuge from the world. As such, keeping it safe is a must. And for many, there are plenty of easy steps that are...Read More

5 Things You Never Knew About Home Burglaries

Burglary is such a common crime in the U.S. that one occurs about every 15 seconds. Understanding about burglary can help you take the right steps to protect your home and family, but how much do you really know about them? Here are five things that...Read More

The Future Of Physical Security

For the average small to medium sized Watsonville, CA business, high-tech physical security measures may seem somewhat out of reach. This is not due to a lack of vision, but due to costs of these advanced physical security measures, they’re...Read More

Security In An Active Shooter Environment

The raw statistics don’t lie.  According to the FBI, the United States saw one active shooter incident in the year 2000 but 30 incidents in the year 2017.  Related fatalities are going up, too, from 231 in the years 2014 and 2015 to...Read More

Your Parking Lot Should Be Secure

We usually think of a parking lot in Watsonville, CA as just a place that people store their vehicles when not in use. The reality, however, is that property managers need to go beyond this line of thinking and see a parking lot as a place to...Read More

How Do Wireless Alarm Systems Work?

An alarm system for your home or business in Watsonville, CA is a great way to protect yourself, and the people or investments you care about. However, these days, modern alarm systems have made some important advances in both functionality, and...Read More

Vacation Safety Tips For Any Homeowner

Heading out for vacation is part of almost everyone’s life, and Watsonville residents need that downtime to enjoy the world, refresh their minds and bodies, and more. But is it really possible to truly enjoy your vacation if you’re...Read More

4 Ideas For Protecting Your Valuables

Burglary tends to be rare outside of certain neighborhoods, and because of that many homes will never suffer a burglary once.  However, no home is completely safe from burglary, and so it’s important to avoid tempting potential robbers...Read More

How AI Is Enhancing Security Technology

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, technology is becoming more sophisticated. One technology AI will be of great benefit is in the security industry. AI will not only help identify events like current...Read More

Helpful Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts to Follow

If you are looking for some additional funds to supplement your income in Watsonville, CA and you have a vacant property, then you might have already considered the benefits of using your property as an Airbnb for travelers. Travelers are always...Read More

What To Do If Your Security System Goes Off While You Are Away

Whether it’s in your car, in a shopping mall, or in a home, alarms sometimes go off when they’re not expected. Most times, the alarms amount to very little. But it can still cause panic as drivers fumble for their keys, and homeowners...Read More

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